Wall Storage & Organization for the Garage

Wall Storage & Organization

Here at Garage Outfitters we believe that organization breeds efficiency. That’s why we stand by the old phrase “a place for everything and everything in its place”. The HandiWALL® PVC Slatwall System is more than a piece of slatwall, it is an entire organization system. Accompanied by a range of accessories including hooks, shelves, paper trays and bins, everyone can benefit from having their workspace, garage, or room organized and easily accessible.

HandiWALL® panels range from 4” to 8” widths and are able to fill just about any space from floor to ceiling with slatwall. The flexibility of cutting individual pieces to be placed in tight spaces, ensures a perfectly secured wall storage system anywhere desired.

HandiWall slatwalls are incredibly effective in opening up floor space by granting us the ability to use them as a flexible, interchangeable, all-accommodating source of wall attached storage solutions. With storage accessories including baskets, hooks, shelves, storage bins as well as custom built storage solutions for sport equipment, tools and office accessories, we have a the means to store almost any item with the option of removing or relocating them with ease.

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Physical Characteristics

  • Profile Dimensions: 12 ¼“ x 11/16“ (0.6875“)

  • 3″ on center slats 12 ¼“ high

  • Includes ¼“ for tongue and groove connection

  • Four (4) panels per carton in eight-foot lengths

  • Eight (8) panels per carton in four-foot lengths

  • Color-coordinated installation screws and trim

  • Compatible with all HandiACCESSORIES™

  • Compatible with other standard slatwall accessories

  • Strength tested every production run

  • Product is measured for conformity to requirements

Quality & Attributes

  • Fire-tested by independent laboratory (ASTM E84 Test)

  • HandiWALL® is a Grade A (index of 15) for flame spread

  • Quality tested to be compliant with the ISO 9001:2008

  • Blended cellular PVC material

  • Tested and listed with Underwriters Laboratories

  • 100% recyclable with a resin classification of 3

  • Water and moisture resistant

  • Easy to clean

  • Strong and durable

  • Scratch resistant with normal use

  • Consistent color pigment makes scratches easily repairable

  • Manufactured in the USA

Strength and Durability


Our product is capable of holding more than 100 lbs/sq-ft., making it the strongest and safest panels on the market. Slatwall accessories lock in place, ensuring that your items will remain safely on the wall.


Slatwall is impervious to water, offering protection to garage walls, while boosting your available storage. Slatwall allows a flexible layout that can easily adapt to your changing storage needs.

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