Overhead Storage Systems

Overhead Storage Systems

One of the best ways to fully and efficiently utilize your space is by making use of room where you need not tread, walk or stumble over anything! Our overhead storage systems grant all the advantages of using ceiling space instead the valuable and scarce reserve of room on your garage floor.

Strong Racks, commercial grade home storage, residential ready. See the difference it makes using your ceiling as an extension of space that will never interfere with your passage space, parking space or obstruction of view due to cluttering. We offer overhead storage units with incredible space capacity and heavy duty weight leverage, custom fit to allow a perfect flow of suspended storage space that’s configured to accommodate the angles and corners of your garage space, including the space above your garage door.

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Ceiling Storage

  • Available weight capacity

  • Holds up to 1000 lbs / 4ft x 8ft

  • Suspension capacity of up to 48 inches

  • Available in either a while or smoked chrome finish

  • Mounting track of this until connects to as many as four ceiling joists


Overhead Wall Storage

  • Available for super capacity offering 1000 pounds of weight

  • Sizes ranging between 2, 3 and 4 foot depths

  • Suspension Capacity of up to 48 inches

  • Industrial grade steel

  • Available in either a white or smoked chrome finish

  • Mounting track of this unit connects to as many as four ceiling joists


  • Super Platforms are capable of holding much more storage and weight than a traditional overhead rack!

  • You can also bolt a Super Platform to the walls to create a Super Platform Overhead Wall Shelf

  • You can create one contiguous ceiling storage system across your garage, no center dividers

  • You can store large items than on individual racks

  • You can diffuse the weight load across a greater area of your garage ceiling

  • You can maximize your available ceiling storage space

  • You can add a Motorized Storage Lift System for hands free lifting along side of your Super Platform

  • Super Platforms can be placed above the garage doors along a walls or the center of your garage

  • You can create custom colors


Motorized Ceiling Storage

The Power RAX brand Motorized 4’x8’ Ceiling Storage System offered by Strong Racks is the ultimate no ladder required ceiling storage device. The first of it’s kind Motorized Ceiling Storage Unit allows homeowners to safely lower the storage platform off the ceiling with the push of a button.

Power RAX’s Motorized Ceiling Storage Unit comes complete with the 110V standard plug in motor, mounting systems, cables, pulleys and steel storage deck to allow the do it yourself homeowner to install a system that typically would be out of reach of the average homeowner.

System safety features include a durable motorized clutch system, four 1700 Pound aircraft grade coated cables, adjustable shut off system to stop the motor prior to reaching the ceiling and a wireless power disable system to shut the power down while not in use. The Power RAX Motorized Ceiling Storage System is safe, convenient so easy to use. Call us today to discuss this unit or you can preview the Power RAX Motorized Ceiling Storage Video on our site.

  • Size: 4´ x 8´ Commercial Grade Overhead Rack

  • Color: Silver

  • Weight Capacity: 500 LBS

  • Storage: Adjustable based upon storage items and clearance (12″ to 50″)

  • Rack Clearance: Depends on rack location

  • You can maximize your available ceiling storage space

  • Safety Shut Off: Yes. Wireless Power Shut Off Switch

  • Lift Parts: Motor, 10ga mounting tracks, 1700LB aircraft grade cables, adjustable eye bolts



We take our product development very seriously. We have tested all of our products thoroughly, and created the Strong Racks challenge to demonstrate how our overhead storage racks are superior to competitive products in every aspect. Our racks are the strongest and safest in the industry, and we challenge you to find a competitive product with more strength, weight capacity, safety features, or quality construction than a Strong Racks overhead storage system.


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