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C-Tech Aluminum Garage Cabinets

CTech is a leading manufacturer of lightweight aluminum cabinets. We now offer the same cabinets for residential garages that are used by professionals in their racing shops, and have been for many years.

Manufactured to the same quality standards, the cabinets feature our patented Motionlatch ™ drawers and door handles, our Gasketloc ™ countertop system, and an integrated 3.5 in. Well-designed components that are manufactured with great precision give precise results combining simplicity and precision during assembly. This results in a rigid, strong and square final cabinet for easy installation and ready for lifetime use.

With more custom cabinet combinations than we can count, you have everything you need to design the perfect workshop, garage or workspace. Ctech Cabinet Bases provide a lightweight and durable workbench for your garage, workshop or trailer. Cabinets are fitted with MotionLatch® drawers and doors.

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MotionLatch ™ drawers

Lock when you close them. Easily open with just one finger! Even when you are wearing gloves and carrying tools. The drawers do not open on their own during transport and do not require the search for a locking button. Just unlock by pulling anywhere along the handle.

GasketLoc ™ countertop

The floating countertop ensures long life allowing expansion and contraction of the countertop to prevent warping. Countertops feature curvature corners, eliminating sharp edges. Each counter consists of two pieces with a backsplash to seal areas against spills and conceal mounting hardware. Injection molded corners complete the look and provide an attractive and functional countertop. Standard counter tops available in gray laminate and stainless steel is optional.

Powder coated finish

Choose from 10 standard powder coat colors to customize your product. The powder coating protects against the elements. It also shines like a quality paint.

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