High performance, 100% Canadian-made, line of competitive products.

Contur Steel Garage Cabinets

Garage Outfitters Cabinets offer a high performance, 100% Canadian-made, line of competitive products designed and manufactured to provide a product of strength, quality, and ultra stylish design.

A wide range of reconfiguration options are available allowing customers to maximize the use of space with this modern and practical storage system. Our signature chrome trim and sleek powder-coated paint finish work to give your space that bold look you’ve always wanted. Choose from our several color options to coordinate with those sports car or your home décor.

  • GO Steel Cabinets are 100% made in Canada.
  • Use high-quality European hinges.
  • Double sided doors– Innovative Two piece back-splash aids in the installation and conceals fastening hardware.
  • High gloss, powder-coated finish – All of GO Cabinet’s doors, cases, shelves,and drawers are built with a scratch-resistant, powder-coated high-gloss paint finish to withstand the rough conditions of any garage.
  • 6 Color Options– Available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Off-White, Gray, Midnight Blue, and Black.
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Contur Cabinets - Design & Development

Contur tries to achieve one objective: to build a better looking and better functioning all-metal modular cabinet system at an affordable price. When designing their European-inspired cabinet line, they set out to prove to the world that the old adage, “Form before Function” is merely a statement uttered by traditionalists who cannot perceive the simple fact that both product styling and innovative engineering can work harmoniously together. They teamed their engineers together with stylists to come up with a timeless design loaded with advanced engineering features never before seen on a mass-produced metal storage cabinet. For example, one such unique feature is the aerospace-inspired swing-up contoured door which swings upwards and out of the way, allowing for an unobstructed workspace.

Another innovative feature is the full-face handle-less doors and drawers that deliver an aesthetically-pleasing contoured design and hide the unsightly cabinet frames that are commonly seen in typical garage storage cabinets. Finally, integrated finger-pulls allow for effort-free opening of doors while drawers glide open with a gentle push-to-open/push-to-close mechanism. The end result is a stunning yet fully functional and modular cabinet system.

Available Colors

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