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Garage Outfitters provides flooring solutions for home interior and exterior and garages of all sizes. Our GO floor coating has become the “product of choice” for interior and exterior applications in and around the house. It has also become a serious alternative to the epoxy family of products that have been in use for years. Far better than epoxy, Polyurea actually penetrates a surface area (like concrete) and is 20 times stronger. It is more durable, can resist oil, gas and salt residue, and is considered eco-friendly. This is a superb coating for outdoor patios and swimming pools, as well as residential kitchens and all garages.

Clearly a better product than epoxy, Polyurea is the best floor coating available. Installation takes half the time of epoxy, and the “flexible” nature of the coating allows it to stretch with the underlying concrete surface. It does not crack or peel like epoxy, and can be installed in any season and even in extreme temperatures (-40 to +40 C.). With its quick curing time, an installation can be performed within a day. You can walk on the surface in 8 hours, and drive on it in 24 hours. The finished floor membrane is completely seamless, covering all the edges and even those “hard-to-reach” spots. For the garage, it’s absolutely ideal – highly resistant to chemicals and solvents, non-sensitive to water and moisture, and never needs resurfacing.

For the pool and patio deck, there is nothing that compares – it has an anti-slip finish and comes in numerous decorative finishes to suit every taste. The POLYUREA coating does not stain or turn yellow when exposed to sunlight. It’s easy to clean and maintain, resulting in a great looking, long wearing finish that comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Preparation Process

Floor preparation is one of the most important elements to ensuring that your floors last. It is because of this that we use the most industrial strength diamond grinders and dustless vacuums to get your concrete prepared for its transformation.


All cracks and pits are professionally filled and smoothed out so your floors turn out beautiful and seamless. Preparation is key to the success of your garage floor. Our grinders will cut out a proper channel into the concrete garage floor to allow us to correct minor blemishes. Then all cracks and pits are professionally filled and smoothed out so your floors turn out beautiful and seamless.

Fast Setting

Once the floors are prepped and patched, our professionally licensed installers apply a base coat and then broadcast the decorative flakes of your choice. A clear coat is then applied to ensure that your floor lasts even longer, and sand is then broadcast into the clear coat to provide you with a safe, non-slip surface.

Epoxy vs Polyurea

The Polyurea technology has been around for years, and has recently gained recognition as a better flooring alternative to epoxy. The surface finish is abrasion resistant; stain resistant; and has near-zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which is particularly important in and around the home, for both occupants and pets. Unlike epoxy, there is no pre-mixing required, the installation is clean and odourless, and there are no toxic fumes. In fact, Polyurea is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

Amongst the many satisfied customers at Garage Outfitters, all agree that the benefits of POLYUREA far outweigh the initial, upfront costs. This is a coating that never needs re-surfacing, and comes to the homeowner, or commercial garage operator, with the very best manufacturer’s warranty in the industry. And with a lifetime warranty on the installation, the long-term value of the finished flooring is unequalled.

Step 1

Grind concrete floor with diamond bladegrinder. Remove 1/8 of the concrete to open up the pores and remove any excess contaminants and paints.

Step 2

Open and clean out any cracks in the floor with a diamond blade grinder and vacuum cracks to remove loose sediment.

Step 3

On larger cracks, fill them with sand and apply chemical filter to make an even topcoat.

Step 4

Apply base polyurea over entire floor to saturate into concrete.

Step 5

Add flaked to Polyurea basecoat.

Step 6

Remove excess flakes with tile scraper and vacuum floor thoroughly.

Step 7

Apply Polyurea clear-coat to glaze entire garage floor If needed be, add sand for texture to give a better grip when wet.

Garage Floor Coating Product Comparison

Properties Polyurea Epoxy
Installation and Cure Time 1 Day 6-8 Days
Installation Temperatures -30-140 >°F 50°F
Strength of Bond to Concrete Very Strong Very Strong
Maintenance None Repair Cracks
Flexible Very No
Susceptible to Hot Tire Pick Up No Yes
VOCs Very Low Low
Odor when Curing No Yes
Resistant to Oil High Moderate
UV Protected Yes No
Can be used outdoors Yes No
DIY Friendly Yes Yes
Decorative Yes Yes
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