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Garage Renovations

Let us show you the incredible possibilities that reside in the hidden aspects of your home by applying our skills in space analysis and knowledge of innovative design solutions to change your garage into your hobby space, a cluttered shed into a gardening center, or a den into a sports storage unit with near Olympic capabilities in functional efficiency. We believe in providing every necessary means of educating our clients and customers on the subject of involvement within our services by offering complete disclosure of both our operative processes and the products, chemicals, raw/industrial materials that go into any of the services which we offer.

Our devotion to providing the highest standard product lines and services, along with unsurpassed industry expertise, puts us in the forefront of today’s most competitive construction trade ideals and we strive to set a standard of excellence within our field and remain true to everything that has shaped our fundamental values in treatment of employees, customers and the environment – which we believe is the duty of every enterprise to protect.

We don’t just customize furniture or garage space, we cater to your every whim and desire, from budget and idea, to wildly imaginative prospects in things never done before in a simple space! Let us help you truly create a home out of your house, a safe haven out of avoided areas and sheer perfected organization out of hopeless mess and clutter!

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One of our expert design consultants will meet you at your home to discuss your needs and analyze your space. With a wide range of products including custom cabinetry, workbench counters, overhead racks and wall storage systems, your garage possesses endless design possibilities


Using the latest in 3-D design technology, our consultant will create a virtual version of your garage. The resulting rendering will enable you to see how your space will actually look and function, making it easy to apply changes and instantly compare the results


We will provide you with a free estimate for your preferred design. Based on your feedback, we may revisit the design process to accommodate any additional requests and budget requirements.


Our professional installers are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. The installers will treat your home with care. Once installation is complete, all cabinets will be wiped down and the entire work area cleaned.

Garage Remodelling

The garage is truly the 1st to be used and the last to be renovated in your home, the proverbial final frontier. It is the last place to be organized and typically avoided because of all the disorganization and clutter. Our Garage renovation services are changing the way you see the garage space. From workshop, extra storage space for the house or miniature professional garage, our team of garage design professionals can help you create the last part of your dream home. Your garage does not have to be a dungeon, simple steps such as concrete polishing, Polyurea coating your floors, lighting and some cabinets can transform your garage into something to be proud of instead of something to be avoided. Of course we stock a full range of tire racking, overhead and wall storage systems, steel and aluminum cabinets and much more...but we are also a licenced contractor that will make sure the structure is correct before adding the finishing touches, things like proper electrical lines, plumbing, drywall and anything else you can think of to make your Garage a more efficient space. At Garage Outfitters we have everything you need to remodel your garage right here!

Talk to one of our advisors about our high quality professional grade (they can be used in commercial applications) garage accessories and garage design services. Due to our design and manufacturing, our prices and fair and also affordable. Whether you want a simple utility room or a showroom we can fit your needs.


For most of us, the garage is simply an avalanche of sporting equipment, garden supplies, toys and tools, thus making it the most unappealing part of the house. At Garage Outfitters, we can help you transform your garage from chaos into the most useful and organized area in your home. Our new and innovative products offer functionality, versatility, mobility and style while providing a rugged, yet sleek look.







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