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Extend your living space, and protect your garage, with attractive, high-quality polyurea floor coatings.

Low-maintenance polyurea floors are resitant to stains, spills and harsh, concrete-damaging winter salts. Choose from an array of colours and textures, including four solid colours and eight granite-look flake colours - all with a high-gloss shine. With a two-day install/cure time, class-leading materials and polished good-looks, our polyurea floor coating will bring style and durability to your garage for years to come.

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Benefits of “GO” polyurea garage floor coating

  • A seamless membrane - when fully dry, the finished floor is easy to maintain, very resilient to abrasion and impacts, and equally resistant to oil, gas, solvents, and harsh chemicals.

  • Environmentally safe – extremely low odor during and after installation; no dust residue; virtually no VOC vapour (Volatile Organic Compound); LEED certification (“green” excellence)

  • Total surface penetration – the Polyurea coating penetrates right into the concrete, and does not just bond to the surface, ensuring an absolute bond without any peeling or cracking.

  • Fast drying – fast usage – the Polyurea floor coating allows for one-day installation, and quick curing time. You can walk on it after three hours and drive (or park) a vehicle after 24 hours.

  • Installation temperature – floor coating applications can be installed at temperatures that range from -40°C to +40°C. Finished floors are resilient throughout the harsh winter weather.

  • Scratch resistant – an excellent option for high traffic surfaces, where a protective floor finish is required. Typically, the Polyurea floor coating will never need resurfacing again.

  • Warranty – Garage Outfitters understands how important it is to protect your new investment , which is why we offer a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years and up to 10 year warranty on labor (depending on the state of your existing concrete).

Top 3 reasons why polyurea is a better choice than standard epoxy floors


While both products are resistant to salt, oil, gasoline and other contaminants, the fact that Polyurea penetrates your concrete as opposed to epoxies, ensures that there is a more absolute bond, which is why the floors can stand up to the test of time and not peel up.


Polyurea quick dry times allow for a one-day installation with a one-day cure time. Floors are ready for vehicle traffic after only 72 hours vs. the one week cure time of epoxy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing. Sed a do eiusmod tempor incididunt.


Our Polyurea coating can be installed in temperatures anywhere from -40 degrees C to +40 degrees C, proving its resilience to our harsh Canadians winters. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eius od tempor incididunt, nunca adin me utuli.


Adding a floor coating will protect your garage from moisture, and moreover the risk of rust. Our floors are also impervious to salt, grease, mud gas and oil leaks.
Our residential GO Floor Coating is a Polyurea polymer that has low to no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). Due to Montreal’s harsh winters and snow/ice being dragged into the garage, we spread sand into the final coat (as an option) to decrease slippage and provide better grip during winter months.
Polyurea is an organic resin that forms a plastic-like compound surface on top of your floor. More flexible than epoxy, it penetrates deeper into the concrete for better adhesion. 3 times stronger than Epoxy and resistant to oil spills. Polyurea/Polyaspartic garage floors are also UV -protected as well as being easy to clean.
Our GO treated garage floors require little maintenance but we do recommended washing the floor during fall and winter months in order to remove grime. Maintenance is simple: use a hose with regular soap and water. Scrub the concrete down with a bristle brush 3-4 times a year to remove the rocks and grime that accumulate.
Our residential garage floors come with a 20 year warranty on installation and on the GO Polyurea Floor coating itself.
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